About Us

Solar Energy

We are:

Alifig International Limited. A leading aviation and meteorological systems integration companies in West Africa. We deliver cost-effective and comprehensive solutions for the full range of Environment and Meteorological Systems.

Our range of products covers the following:

  • Automatic Weather Observation Systems (AWOS)
  • Air Quality Monitoring Systems
  • Upper Air Sounding System
  • Marine Meteorological Buoy
  • Thunderstorm / Lightning Detection System
  • Calibration Equipment
  • Weather Observation Instruments: Rain Gauge, Wind Instruments, Thermometers, Evaporimeter, Sunshine Recorder, Solarimeter, Autographic Instruments, others
  • Meteorological Sensors
  • Weather Forecasting and Meteorological Software
  • Oil Spill Detection and Alert System (OSDAS)

Why Choosing Us?

We are a leading systems integration company in Africa with partnership with world leaders.

Our Tasks

We execute projects in Meteorology, Environmental protection and Renewable Energy.

Our History

Over 20 years of quality project delivery.


  • We have Over 20 years of excellent project delivery.

    Starting business in 1996
  • We have made installations at all parts of Nigeria. From the hottest point, the places with the most rainfall and the coldest point.

    Places like: Sokoto, Maiduguri, Yola, Jos, Enugu, Lagos and Calabar.
  • We represents some of the world best equipment brands.

    Names like:LSI, Coastal and

Selected Projects

  • AWOS

    Automatic Weather Observation Systems


    Low Level Windshear Alert System

  • Particulate Measurement

    Gas & Particulate Measurement System

  • Thunder Storm Detector

    Thunder storm Detection System